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Ivan Bondin

Perit Ivan Bondin

Short Biography

Perit Ivan Bondin first graduated in 2005 with a B. E. & A.(Hons.) in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Malta. Following this first Degree, he put into practice the achieved knowledge by working in the Maltese construction industry for two years. During this time, Ivan was working for both architectural and contracting firms. 

Ivan resumed his studies in 2007 and in 2008, he, in fact, achieved a post-graduate Masters Degree in Construction Project Management from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. 

Upon his return to Malta, Ivan worked with several project management teams on the execution of several large scale projects. These included the United States Embassy compound in Ta’ Qali, City Gate and the new Parliament House in Valletta, Smart City and the Life Sciences Park in San Gwann.

Today, Ivan is also an assistant lecturer at the University of Malta, with his teaching and research subject being Construction Project Management.

Clive Calleja

Clive Calleja

Short Biography

Clive Calleja acquired his Bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering in 2013 from MCAST. Clive has been working in the construction industry ever since, and with his hands-on approach and technical abilities, he has been proving himself an asset in the industry ever since. His works offer us a multitude of substantial contributions when it comes to the service that we offer at our firm.

His expertise lies in detailing, building surveying and architectural design. Calleja is proficient in other areas such as quantity surveying and project management. Ever since he joined ib projects, he has, time and time again, delivered outstanding results to our clients.

Andrew Paul Abela

Andrew Paul Abela

Short Biography

After graduating with a Diploma in Construction and The Built Environment from MCAST in 2013, Andrew Paul Abela started working for a local architectural firm where he further enhanced and championed his design abilities. While still working there, he took on other roles that consisted of surveying and the Administration of Planning Authority affairs.

Since joining us at ib project, Andrew has taken over the side of our firm that deals with the Planning Authority. His tasks include following all ongoing planning procedures for our clients and keeping them in the loop. Apart from that, Andrew is also proficient at handling certain aspects in the architectural design sector within ib project. Through his communication skills, he has developed detailed designs and innovative architectural concepts which meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Architecture gives you that unique opportunity to shape spaces where people live, work and recreate themselves.

It is this opportunity that instigated an interest in building and architecture in Perit Ivan Bondin. Likewise, it is with this opportunity in mind that architectural projects are tackled within the firm. Focus is always on the end users of our built-up assets. 

ib projects was established as an architectural practice in 2017 by Perit Bondin.

With 14 years of experience in the field of architecture and civil engineering, Ivan Bondin succeeded in opening his own  practice of architectural and project management services. He manages a small professional team of draughts persons in delivering projects to the clients' expectations. 

The architectural practice is committed to deliver a professional, personal client specific service that is able to combine design, aesthetics and practicality in delivering high-quality functional buildings.

The reputation which Perit Bondin has managed to build throughout his previous job experiences and now with his own business activity, is certainly a positive element in this very competitive industry. As an architectural firm, we are constantly aware of the spaces around us and how they impact people’s lives. Hence, our mission is always that of keeping in line with the principles of sustainability by looking at each project through the social, economical and environmental aspects.

Some of our esteemed clients thanks to whom our practice continues to flourish with the jobs we are entrusted with: